This is a place

(Some call it a blog)

This is where I'm supposed to tell you something about me. I'll probably also link to twitter because that's something people do.

Weird Stuff I've recently made

I don’t write like I once did because of the tiresome internet hate machine and the excessive noise from the content mills, but that doesn’t mean I eschew computering all together.


If you know who Farhad Manjoo is, then Farhadlibs will hopefully make some sort of twisted sense to you. A handful of very smart friends wrote most of the jokes.


I love to make GIFs in my spare time (and do take requests). I’ve even been hired on two occasions for the film promotions, Faults and The Guest, and sometimes just remake better versions of popular GIFs I find poorly done. I have two semi-secret, completely design-bare GIF repos:


I owned two URLs, and, for years and figured they both finally deserved to be single serve sites. Both are heavily inspired by ripping off Loudgif.


Lastly, there is,, and I expect my other friends will get UGH pages when they finally do something awful enough to merit it.