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Christopher Walken on Twitter

There seems to be much confusion about Christopher Walken twitter account. Well, I know the story because I created the account.

In April of 2008, clusterflock decided to try a PostSecret type account and open up the readers to contribute to our blog. There was some debate about the name (it was Garret who suggested Christopher Walken) and we put it to a vote. Deron, I guess, felt that Christopher Walken was the most compelling of the names: we just kept finding ourselves riffing off it. So, Deron created the account for the blog, not the twitter account. The rules for the account were simple:

Don’t be an idiot. If you’re an idiot, I’ll delete your post. Otherwise, have fun, do anything you want. The Christopher Walken account may be used to promote something you’re doing that you’re proud of, as a sort of PostSecret for clusterflock, a way to point out something cool or funny or interesting. Really, for anything. Again, just don’t be an idiot. Also, if you want to put your real name in the post, that’s fine, and if you want to point to your own site, that’s also fine. I may do some format editing until people get a handle on the house rules. Once we’ve lived with this for a while, we’ll decide whether to make it permanent. Have fun.

Around October of 2008, twitter began to become popular with Flockers, so we all exchanged our twitter account information and took the sardonic irreverence to the twitterverse. The next day it struck me that a Walken account on twitter was a logical extension of our twitter presence so I created it</span>.

You’ll notice, however, that the last link is cached. Turns out, after the account was fallow for a few weeks, somebody clusterflock-related took control of the account, changed the password, and started posting hilarity. So, I deleted the now-cached link  to prevent confusion.


What makes the whole situation just so brilliant is that I don’t know who it is for certain. I had theories, but I simply could not bring myself to ask.

Update: @cwalken was interviewed by Maria Russo

Update: As of March 27th the account has been suspended for breach of ToS.

Update: As of March 30th the account has been reactivated, but it is now clear that it is a fake account.

Update: After twitter shenanigans and what we think might be an unintentional reactivation, @cwalken is officially being declared DEAD. I heard this from the gift horse’s mouth.

Update: The correspondance between the @cwalken author and twitter (removed to help preserve anonymity).

Update: The orginal @cwalken’s new twitter account is @clusterwalken

Update: The account has since moved to @formerlycwalken

Update: It’s pretty well known these days that Christopher Walken was Trelvix.